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Xpress is born from a family of printers, spanning their roots to over 100 years in this area. It is managed by Murtaza Dungarwalla and Mustafa Dungarwalla - a father & son team, who are third & fourth generation family of Printers. Their background experience is enough to look at the wealth of Printing knowledge and guidance to the clients. Printing is, therefore, their ONLY language and with this experience and a credible workforce, we strive to maintain and deliver quality products and services within the shortest time possible.
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What We Do

Why Choose Us

Almost all of our products are produced in house. With confidence you can use us as a one-stop-shop all the way from design concept to deliver.
We want to ensure our clients have round the clock access to our services. We make satisifaction and continued business our priority!
  • Large Format Printing80%
  • Offset Printing70%
  • Embroidery50%
  • Corporate Branding60%
  • Screen Printing60%
  • One Way Vision50%
  • Packaging and Labels80%

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Our Works

Be it a moving brand such as vehicles or petrol station, buildings and shops. We brand it all