We can print onto extensive range of flexible and rigid materials including paper, banner, vinyl, fabric,

metal, timber, acrylic and PVC foam up to 20mm in thickness

Offset Solutions

Xpress is your complete resource for printing, signage, large format graphics and promotional items.

Packaging and Label

We work closely with our clients and we produce a wide variety of products, so this combination has given us valuable experience that we would like to pass along to you

Creative Graphic Designs

Don’t have design yet? Along with print production, we have a team of graphic designers who can help you create your own company logo, media artwork, or website.


Machine embroidery is now so heavily utilized for product branding, corporate advertising, uniform adornment and also for personal sewing and craft projects.

Screen Printing / T-shirts

We offer you Screen Printing Services with year of experience. 

Why Us?

Best Printing Equipment

100 Years of Experience

Professional Designers






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